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Available for international lottery sale over the next few weeks is the second official run of the Electric Mecha Tyranbo (or EMT), from Japanese sofubi maker Cojica Toys (AKA Hiramoto Kaiju). This version is using a clear vinyl as a base with lots of black and silver sprays. The fully exposed areas are very nice as you can see all the wiring and fun inner workings. The EMT body is modified to allow the placement of six total LED lights, which turn on for a minute when the toy is shaken. Four total lights are present on the body and follow a strobe pattern, as well as two lights in the head, one for each eye. You can see a clip of the lights in action here. There are also a few secret variants which will be randomly sent, and is 100% exciting!

Lottery Info Below:

Mecha Tyranbo

Price: $150 USD

Edition: TBD

Size: 9.5"

Articulation: 5 Points (Arms, Legs, Head)

Designed By: Cojica Toys

Sculpted By: Cojica Toys

Painted By: Cojica Toys

How To Enter the Lottery:

Go to the Blog page for Toy-People here, and fill out the Google form towards the bottom of the page.

Lottery Begins and Ends:

Begins: June 17

Ends: June 23 23:59 (GMT +8)

PST: 08:59

EST: 11:59

GMT: 15:59

JAPAN: 00:59 (June 24)

Shipping Expenses:

Included in pricing

RULES: 1 person / household can ENTER 1 TIME maximum. People with multiple Entries will be disqualified and all entries canceled. Only the winners will receive a PayPal payment request via e-mail.