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Tkom Neo Doublethink #2

TkoMart Neo Doublethink #2

Available for international lottery sale over the next day is the second painted version of Tkom's newest toy, Neo Doublethink. Neo Doublethink is the second iteration of the popular Doublethink sofubi toy from Japanese artist Takahiro Komuro. This version comes in a "Soda blue" base vinyl, with dark blue, orange, and blonde sprays. He comes equipped with a ball and chain, to remind him that he was never freed of his shackles. The mix of dark and light blues with the orange shirt are especially striking together, nicely complementing each other, and ensuring this piece will be a definite stand out in your collection.

Lottery Info Below:

Neo Doublethink

Price: 50,000 JPY + Shipping

Edition: 40

Size: 11"

Articulation: 7 Points (Arms, Legs, Torso, Heads)

Designed By: Takahiro Komuro

Sculpted By: Takahiro Komuro

Painted By: Takahiro Komuro

How To Enter the Lottery:

Go to the Blog page for Toy-People here, and fill out the form towards the top of the page.

Lottery Begins and Ends:

Begins: June 22, 0:01 Japan

Ends: June 22, 23:59 (Japan)

PST: 07:59

EST: 10:59

GMT: 14:59

AEST: 00:59 (June 23)

Shipping Expenses:

Approximately $20 USD worldwide

RULES: 1 person / household can ENTER 1 TIME maximum. People with multiple Entries will be disqualified and all entries canceled. Only the winners will receive a PayPal payment request via e-mail.